Beakertron 2.0

Temporary Website

Welcome. This is the temporary and rather devoid-of-our-usual-humor Beakertron 2.0 website. This will have to do until we have enough set up to generate a website powered by Beakertron itself.

Beakertron is a PHP-powered framework for Q&A websites, a sort of humor/informational website. Usually more towards humor, but we try to be informative, at least. Beakertron 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Beakertron, an extension of Wangcode, which traces its lineage (such as it is) back to the Conversatron, one of the original Q&A websites. Beakertron 2.0 is made primarily for use in Ask Dr. Science, but it is designed to be flexible for developers to extend to suit their whims. While designed with an old-school (read: pre-Web 2.0) site design in mind, Beakertron 2.0's backend classes can relatively easily be adapted to an AJAX format or any other sort of frontend that happens by.

There haven't been any public releases of Beakertron 2.0 yet. Development is progressing, though slowly, and a release date hasn't been settled on yet. All of the current code can be found in the SVN repository for now (repository: This includes the database schema used by the software, but there is no automatic installation for any of it yet. The code is presently set to be licensed under the terms of the GPL, but this is subject to change at our discretion. We just haven't had discretion yet.

Beakertron is developed by Nicholas Killewald and David Perry. The original extensions were of David's design and the current revision (so far) is Nicholas's creation, with design help from David.

So in conclusion, Beakertron 2.0 will live. Someday. It's coming.

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